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12 Feb Investing in a single-family detached home

Investing in a single-family detached home

A single-family home is a worry-free investment property if you take the right steps to choose a good tenant. I can help with the process of finding an investment property and you can find all the information that a landlord would need on my site. Taxes are $3,000+-, the tenant would pay all utilities and take care of the landscaping/grass/snow.

The trick is to find a tenant anchored by schools, jobs and such. Rents are $1,500-2,000+-. Cross-reference market rent cost on Kijiji or Viewit.ca. Ideally, the mechanicals would be sound and last another ten years. A long-term investment.

Purchase price should be under $400,000 for the investment property to cash flow (rent pays the mortgage, house insurance and property tax).


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