hamilton real estate market
12 Feb
Investing in a single-family detached home

Investing in a single-family detached home A single-family home is a worry-free investment property if you take the right steps to choose a good tenant. I can help with the process of finding an investment property...

Hamilton MLS real estate investment property commercial plaza lease shopping
05 Feb
Investing in a commercial/retail plaza

Investing in a commercial/retail plaza Investing in a commercial or retail plaza in Hamilton means there are fewer tenants to manage and less hassle. Businesses lease to stay, not to flee. Location is key, the more foot...

Investment glossary, investment terms, Hamilton real estate investments
19 Jul
Investment from A-Z

Investment Terms Glossary If you’re new to investing in real estate, there’s a whole new vocabulary that you’ll need to learn. Use this glossary as a quick reference whenever you need it. A Abandonment - When a person...

Hamilton 5 bedroom house for sale mls listing income rental property
21 May
Looking for an easy flip or investment?

FEATURED HAMILTON MLS LISTING Spacious home for sale in Hamilton’s family-friendly Stipley neighbourhood listed at $359,905 Newly listed 5 bedroom house for sale in Hamilton that would be perfect for an investor or someone looking to create...

Hamilton commercial real estate market statistics January 2019
25 Feb
Average 1 Bedroom Hamilton Rental is $1100/Month

Happy February! It's hard to believe another year has come and gone and we're already in the tail end of the second month. Hamilton's real estate market has landed in a balanced state after the uncertainty...

What you can do as a landlord to protect your rental investment property from damage caused by grow ops
12 Oct
Grow Op In Your Rental Property?

Rental Properties and Grow Ops Being a landlord can be tricky business and having a rental property just got a bit more complicated. With marijuana becoming legalized, Canadians will have the right to grow up to 4...

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