What you can do as a landlord to protect your rental investment property from damage caused by grow ops

12 Oct Grow Op In Your Rental Property?

Rental Properties and Grow Ops

Being a landlord can be tricky business and having a rental property just got a bit more complicated.

With marijuana becoming legalized, Canadians will have the right to grow up to 4 plants. Your tenants can grow marijuana in your rental property and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Currently, there are about 30,000 Canadians with a license to grow their own medicinal marijuana. Any attempt to prevent them from growing their own cannabis in your rental property could get you into trouble by interfering with their reasonable enjoyment or legal and medical rights.

The problem with growing operations is that they require a lot of light(hydro), and produce a high amount of moisture content. Which translates into mold inside your investment. An inclusive rental agreement is often a big attraction to tenants, but this could become a financial burden for you if you suddenly have skyrocketing utility bills.

A CBC piece showed a homeowner in British Columbia whose insurance was cancelled after he became aware his tenant was growing plants in the basement.

Landlords can’t retroactively make changes to already existing leases but can take precaution by putting together a rental agreement (lease) clause prohibiting the growth of marijuana plants inside the rental property for new tenants.

If a tenant insists on growing at your property maybe you can come to a compromise and arrange for a growing space outside.

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