Buy renovate rent refinance, Looking for an investment opportunity? This fourplex hitting the market soon is a great opportunity to buy, renovate, rent, and refinance a fourplex in Hamilton. Located in Central Hamilton in the Stipley neighbourhood. Easy transportation access and Tim Hortons field is within walking distance. Nearby parks include Gage Park, Scott Park and Cumberland Tot Lot.
20 Mar
Looking for a BRRR?? Buy Renovate Rent Refinance

Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Hamilton Investment Properties Fourplex coming on the market next week Coming soon: Hamilton Real Estate Investments: Looking for a BRRR?? Attention real estate investors, house flippers...

hamilton real estate investments
12 May
An Interactive Map of the Hamilton LRT Project

An Interactive Map of the Hamilton LRT Project Here are a few examples of what the final result of Hamilton’s LRT project could possibly look like on the streets of Hamilton. (Pictures are from this CBC...

real estate investment property new developments, condos townhomes new build for sale in Hamilton
09 May
New Developments in Hamilton

New Real Estate Developments in Hamilton Here is a map that displays a wide array of real estate developments in Hamilton, from both the public and private sector, and developments that have been recently completed. Looking to...

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